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A few words about us

We are a family travel company which, since its beginning, in 2011, is committed to offering personalized quality, human warmth and professionalism, in every one of its services, and in the relationship it develops with all its customers.

The programs and experiences we offer take you to the places we love most, and where we maintain excellent relations with inhabitants, hotels and restaurants. That way, in each destination on offer, we can always give you the best options that fit with your trip preference and idea.

We know how details are important, to fully enjoy a trip. So, we love to work on details.


The Human Being is the Center of our Attention

Indeed, we value the human being over business and profit, as you are the center of our activity and attention, in the same way as the people we work with, and who make it so that everything we do is properly done.

Therefore, to us, you are the most important individual in the world, and this is why we do our very best, so that every detail of your personalized trip and stay with us is what you expect it to be and/or even more, when the unexpected surprises you, and lets you take it along, as the most authentic memory of your experience with us.

We have a Panoramic Vision of Trips around Peru

Our specialized staff has over 20 years of professional experience in tourism, throughout the whole Peruvian territory, as well as in different work areas and positions, which allows us to offer dominion, versatility and an integral vision of our activity, when handling original quality experiences, in the Cusco Region, and the whole country.

That´s why we are very flexible in our proposals and capacity to adapt them to each individual´s criteria and expectation, in such a way that you design your trip, and we help you to turn it into a tangible and functional reality.

A High Coordination and Anticipation Level

We keep focused on our work, and anticipate situations that could alter our programs´ proper functioning. This allows us to maintain high quality standards in the services we offer, and to propitiate unique experiences, without unpleasant surprises.

Qualified Staff in all of our Company´s Areas

We take the necessary time to select and train our collaborators, because we know how important it is to count on an A1 team, to offer A1 services that finally result in incredible trips and unforgettable experiences.

Efficient Personalized Quotes

Our team of travel design experts seriously assumes its work, with professionalism and efficiency, giving you the quotes and answers you might require, with the indispensable speed, to absolve any doubt in your trip´s organization, and ease proper decision making, when planning your trip and in the course of it.

We are at the Forefront, with New Proposals

Our itinerary and activity proposals are permanently updated and improved, to always offer you activities on demand, with the adequate security that guarantees their good development and full enjoyment.

In addition, WEA Travel accounts with the support of computerized systems and programs that ease and speed many functional and necessary processes up, which frees our heads and hands, to concentrate our attention on you and the people who accompany you on your trip and stay, in Peru.  

We offer Personalized Services, and Fast Emergency Attention to our Clientele

We know how important it is to get answers fast, when we have questions or doubts. So, we always stand ready to attend yours and, above all, to give you adequate solutions, every time it is possible, before, during and even after your trip.

We also give you a 24/7 cellphone emergency attention service, throughout your whole experience with us, so that you´ll never feel alone or abandoned, in an eventual moment of crisis.


We love what we do, and so, we put all of our passion and attention into handling superior quality experiences that result in unforgettable trips.

Besides, our broad knowledge of the Cusco Region and country, as well as the good relations developed, through time, in our professional area, guarantee proposals that can adjust to the most demanding customer´s traveling ideas and concepts.

Finally, since we are a family company, our central pillar and philosophy revolve around solidarity strengthened by the human warmth and loving care we transmit to all who decide to live an exceptional experience with us.  


We help you concretize the experience you long for, while we take care of the essential logistics, so that your sole concern is to fully enjoy your trip in Peru.

We offer intelligent itineraries that have been designed, thinking about you and your accompanying party, as well as about your criteria, requirements and expectations, while considering the best options that not always are the most expensive ones.

In short, to design your trip, we consider the following items:

The places you want to go to, the places you want to go to, the way you like to travel, the chronogram and budget you dispose of and the people you will travel with.

Your health and diet considerations, as well as your interests and passions, and the details that help you function and enjoy everything better, when traveling.



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