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Tailor-Made Travel Programs for Each Individual Client or Group

We work with couples, families and groups of all sizes, helping them in the creation of perfect tailor-made travel programs, according to their criteria. First, we carefully listen to them and take their needs, interests and exigencies into consideration, to create with them, the ideal itinerary, in accordance with their wishes, offering them a broad range of options of destinations, activities, means of transportation and accommodations, because flexibility is our “modus operandi.”

Special Services for Groups

During more than 17 years, we have been working with operators, travel agencies and tour guides, in the organization of programs and personalized tours for groups from 2 to 200 participants, creating a unique itinerary for every single group, adapted to their criteria and expectations. We can also organize shows, events and other special activities, when our customers ask us to do so.

Flexible Travel Options and Suggested Tours

We help you let your imagination carry you to magical or cultural interest places, presenting you with some of our travel alternatives, among the most frequently requested ones which can become unforgettable experiences, from the moment you decide to live them with us, in an environment of almost family-like cohabitation, with the security and comfort that will make you feel more like home, in spite of being far away from your country.

Therefore, see everything we have in store, for your delight, during your stay in our mega-diverse country, so that you might choose among the broad range of options of trips, programs, circuits, tours, experiences, live experiences, activities and visits in Peru´s major cities, as well as in the regions that surround them.

A Strict Selection and Great Variety of Accommodations

With the years, we have become experts in finding appropriate accommodations, chosen in accordance with our customers´ real needs, criteria and demand, from luxury hotels and international hotel chains, to family hotels and hostels, appartments, historical buildings, old mansions, country houses, accommodation in local inhabitants´ homes and Bed & Breakfasts, always with the guarantee of a quality and caring reception and attention, as well as that of clean and safe premises, along with prices within reach of every pocket, and our presence, to assist you in everything you might need during your stay.

Special Information for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

For over than 17 years, our company has been working with travel agencies and tour operators in the United States and United Kingdom, to create and organize magical visits for their customers, and today, all these years of experience allow us to offer them a fast response for reservations, in the same way as our guarantee of impeccable services, regarding tours, accommodation and transportation, along with our deep knowledge of the region that each customer or group will have decided to visit, with competitive and fair prices.

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