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For the Quality of our Personalized Services

 During the last years, we have developed our company, orienting its activities towards highly individualized personalized services, because we know by experience, what the most demanding travelers want and expect from us, at every moment of their trip and stay in our company.

For our Professional Experience and Passion for Peru

We are field professionals and we know every single destination, attraction, visit and activity we offer in our programs. Therefore, we can count on our practical experience, as much on the field, as with a variety of publics, in very diverse circumstances, as there isn´t a single tourism option in Peru, which we haven´t studied and explored.

 On the other hand, we are passionate for traveling, as well as constant seekers of maps and places of tourist and cultural interest, readers of adventure books and dreamers whose vision is that of a better and evermore beautiful world, in which the human being might live happy, in Communion with the Realms of Nature, the Cosmos and Universe, and in Consciousness of the Love, Respect and Care that every living being rightfully deserves, and which it is our duty to offer, in service to humanity and our beloved planet.

For the Special Attention we Give to Details

The quality of service and attention to details we offer, are based on our dedication to creating trips, programs, circuits, tours, activities and visits that fulfill our clientele´s expectations and demand. Therefore, we are very careful as far as the handling of all details is concerned, whether important or minor, and our particularity resides in the constant support and assistance, in every moment and circumstance, which we offer our visitors, from the first contact upon their arrival, to the moment of wishing them farewell, after having completed their trip and stay with us. So, count on us 24 hours a day.

For our Constant Will to Innovate and Evolve

Since EXOTIC ADVENTURE´S launch, about two decades ago, we have always taken the greatest care in only offering programs that would satisfy the tastes and expectations of the most demanding public, proposing options of destinations, programs, activities and visits which, in many cases, would be difficult or even impossible for visitors to organize on their own or with the “support” of a conventional mass tourism operator.

And today, with the creation of WORLDWIDE EXOTIC ADVENTURES, we are in capacity to give you the opportunity to create and organize your own dream trip, thanks to the participation of our trip advisors who will help you in the layout of your itinerary and its content, from its main lines, to its smallest details.

For the Added Value we Offer with Quality, Respect and Fair Prices

We understand and put into practice the perfect relationship between Total Quality, Fair Prices and Mutual Respect, in the sense that Total Quality in our products and services, is an integrated part of our work philosophy, along with Mutual Respect, applied as much with our visitors, as with the individuals, companies and organizations we work with. Finally, our Fair Price is the sum and result of the balanced application of the other two factors, which allows us to guarantee everyone´s will to always fulfill their commitment for work which is well-done, with pleasure and harmony in all aspects of our activities, gifting our passion for what we do, as an offering coming from the heart, instead of selling it like just another element of business and financial benefit.

For Traveling and Working in a Responsible and Conscious Way

Since we are deeply committed with caring for the PACHA MAMA, our Mother Earth which we love and respect, we organize our trips, programs, circuits, tours, activities and visits throughout Peru, with Consciousness and Respect for our country´s territory and nature, as well as for its people and culture. Therefore, conscious of our social liability, we work with non governmental organizations, to help the populations that host the travelers who accompany us, in order to improve their life conditions, while we opt for fair trade, as well as for sustainable and wise tourism, to ensure balance in all aspects of our activities, in the same way as the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and staff, in a social economy´s dynamics in which even the local inhabitants we visit, come out satisfied from the experience and cohabitation with foreign visitors with whom they become evermore open, to share the treasures of their lives.

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