Designed to Fill your Eyes with Colors, and Ears with Sounds
On our JUNGLE EXPERIENCES, palpitating life is everywhere and there is nowhere to find complete silence, whether by day or night, as the JUNGLE is full of living creatures that sing their song to celebrate Life and Nature in a constant Hymn to their Infinite Glory and Beauty, in a fascinating concert that has no overture and no finale, and in which every sound is punctuated by a thousand colors and millions of hues that move and sway to the rhythm of Life, in its most natural habitat which may seem like an intricate maze to visitors in their first contact with that unknown world, in which everything is new and still to be discovered with the eyes and mind of joyful, but also very respectful children who awaken to that other mysterious dimension of their planetary reality which, up to then, they had only seen on TV or at the movies.
And that´s where WorldWide Exotic Adventures comes in to create the link between the modern world and this other reality, easing your first contact with the great wild JUNGLE which will welcome you and shelter you if you come to it with a pure and sincere heart, as well as with your best intentions towards Mother Nature and all living beings that already have been part of it for thousands, and sometimes, millions of years. So, don´t try to impose your law in a place which has laws of its own, which you first must learn, in order to tune in with nature, in the hope that it will accept you. This is why it is always best to truly be oneself in the JUNGLE, and never think, talk or act as a dominating creature in an environment in which the human being is nothing more than a mere piece of the Great Puzzle of Life. But, don´t worry, our native guides will not only show you the physical way to move about in the JUNGLE, as they also will share elements of their great wisdom with you, to teach you the basic laws of the JUNGLE as a whole. So, feel welcome to participate in one of our JUNGLE EXPERIENCES, as we know it will be a once in a lifetime experience you will certainly be eager to renew as often as possible.