And the UNESCO declared it as Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony

Lima was founded in 1535, and within a short time span, it converted itself into America´s most important city. Today, it has over 8 million inhabitants and welcomes immigrants from all over the world, which turns it into a half-breed city by excellence. In its Historical Center, declared as Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony by the UNESCO, one can see splendid samples of colonial architecture, such as the Government´s Palace, Main Square, Cathedral, Monastery of Santo Domingo and that of San Francisco, as well as beautiful sculpted wooden balconies  and old carved stone doorways, with the shields of the families who had them built.

On the other hand, Lima also is an inexhaustible source of culture, and an example of this is the existence of a great quantity of musea, like the National Archaeology, Anthropology and History Museum and Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum that shelter invaluable Incan and pre-Incan treasures.

Regarding elements of pre-Hispanic history and culture, imposing archaeological monuments, like the Huaca Huallamarca  or Huaca Pucllana  seem to spring from the ground, right in the city center, and in Lima´s surrounding area, facing the ocean, there is Pachacámac, the Peruvian coast´s most important pre-Incan Sanctuary, built in the third century a.D. Another one of the city´s great attractions are its beaches, where one can practice aquatic sports, enjoy the sun or simply, observe the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

All along your excursion through our capital city, don´t deprive yourself from tasting and enjoying one of the world´s best gastronomies, as the city offers a broad and varied range of restaurants  for all tastes and budgets, from international and touristee, to welcoming, typical and local ones, in which you will have a chance to choose and taste delicious dishes, in a variety born from the fusion of European, African and Asian cuisines with the Andean, Jungle´s and Coastal ones.


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