Trekking tours


Designed to Take Advantage of every Moment of the Hike

“The Peruvian Andes are the ideal place for great and enriching hikes that combine culture with nature, as well as visual and intellectual delights, with physical and emotional challenges that unite us in a common intention which is feeling nature´s energy sustaining every one of our steps, as we progress towards the next goal and final objective, with strength and a joyful heart, to feel we´re together, full of life and integrated in the powerful and omnipresent nature that gives us so many beautiful presents, along our TREKKING TOURS that you, the hikers, will have the chance to design and program, according to FLEXIBLE suggestions we give you, so that you might combine them, in accordance with your criteria, demand and expectations, in such a way that every HIKE might turn itself into a unique and uncommon experience.

We know that there´s no better therapy for stressed people than HIKING in a natural environment with wide open spaces, grandiose and majestic landscapes that leave you breathless, while filling your lungs with pure air, eating fresh and healthy food, and resting every time you feel tired, in an atmosphere of brotherly sharing and mutual support, all along every TREKKING TOUR that will becomes an unforgettable and mega-diverse live experience.”