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As you cross the Department of Cusco, the Andes´ Cordillera hides many secret places, of unique beauty, that you can enjoy, if you feel like exploring a new route, above 4,000 meters of altitude.

Indeed, this is a challenge for the soul, spirit, and body that will surely move your feelings, as you hike amidst high mountains, with ice-cold winds beating your cheeks. Then, you get to crown 5,100 meters above sea level, and see appear, in front of you, as the reward to your efforts, the Andes´ grandiosity, with the close presence of the Sacred Snowcapped Mountain called “Ausangate”; the highest in the Department of Cusco (6,384 m. – 20,945 ft.), as you feel closer to reaching the Universe.

So, thrill-out and beat the new challenge WEA Travel has designed for you.

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Very early in the morning (3:30 a.m.), we´ll pick you up at your hotel, to travel to the Hanchipacha Sector, 130 km, and about 3 hours from the city of Cusco. There, our muleteers will be waiting, accompany us during that unforgettable experience.

At dawn, we´ll share an adequate breakfast, rich in vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates, to store the required energies for the mountain´s ascension.

The ascent starts after the guide´s briefing. Three hours of uphill hiking are awaiting us, to get to appreciate the reason for our visit to this incredible place.

Throughout its first phase, the ascent is steep, as it puts our willpower and perseverance to the test. As we hike uphill, the air is evermore ice-cold, but, cleaner and purer. It´s hard to breathe, your heart accelerates its beating, while your legs don´t always obey you, and beg you to stop.

However, your spirit is stronger. In fact, you´ve already made the decision of crowning 5,100 meters; perhaps, the highest point you´ve ever reached in your life. There, you´ll be able to enjoy sights of the Seven Colored Mountain or APU AUSANGATE, and of the Cordillera that surrounds it, as it creates the perfect stage to thank Life and Mother Earth for so much beauty and grandiosity.

After having crowned the summit, and taken many pictures, the cold felt up there, will force us to start our way back. Every one of us will have the opportunity to make an offering with the stone they´ll have picked up at the beginning of the hike, leaving it on the mountaintop, as a tribute and sign of their presence, in that part of the planet.

Lunch will be served in a place with an unmatchable view. Then, we´ll go on hiking, downhill, ´till we get to the roadside, to board our vehicle, and return to Cusco. On the way back, the beauty of each place will take us by surprise and, finally, we´ll get to Cusco around 7:00 p.m.

After having reached a group agreement, we´ll have the chance to make an extra stopover, to enjoy thermal baths, on our way back.

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