As a modern company, WorldWide Exotic Adventures is conscious and deeply committed with the Universal and Natural Laws, as it firmly believes in and bids in favor of the novel Responsible Tourism model, as one of its main corporate management tools, oriented towards a greater guarantee of sustainability and growth of conscious and human tourism, respecting international fair trade parameters in its activity, in the region, the country and the world, impelling development on its different levels, being local, regional or national, with the purpose of preserving and conserving, for future generations, the grandiose cultural, artistic, spiritual, architectural, monumental and archaeological heritage left by our ancestors, and which is the pride and essence of our collective personality and mega-diverse national identity.

In this purpose, we commit ourselves, as well as our staff and customers to observe, respect and fulfill the standards and dispositions that rule over the tourist activity, respecting the authenticity and integrity of all forms of life, organizations, customs and traditions of hosting inhabitants and localities.

Furthermore, we ask everyone to please respect and abide to the dispositions referring to the treatment and collection of organic and inorganic solid refuse, so as to care for and respect nature and the environment, including forests, plants, rivers, animals, etc. Therefore, we consider that it is of fundamental importance to respect the variety and richness of the fauna and flora, in any part of Peru and the world.

On the other hand, our proposal for the development of Responsible Tourism, includes the fact of involving hosting inhabitants and localities, so that they should assume the role of protagonists for the conservation and care of the geographical environment and that of their cultural and architectural patrimony, as well as that of nature and the environment, without for that much leaving aside archaeological, architectural and monumental surroundings, along with the authenticity of their cultural and living expressions, inviting local populations and their authorities to commit themselves to the achievement of full participation of local, regional and national actors, in this task which is one of the most important components of our mission, and that brings us the greatest satisfaction as an organization committed with Responsible Tourism, People, the Environment, the Planet and the Universe.

Our Philosophy regarding Responsible Tourism

  • Observe, respect and adhere to standards, guidelines and indications imparted by the group leader, at any time, place and situation or upon visiting archaeological areas, tourist attractions or other places, during the whole trip organized by WorldWide Exotic Adventures.
  • Observe and respect the environment´s intangibility and integrity, that of the flora and fauna, as well as that of the human being, trying not to pollute, in a constant effort to minimize environmental and anthropic impacts, in general.
  • Avoid as much as possible, the spilling and spreading of refuse, being organic or inorganic, wherever we might be, as a mark of respect, always showing the best example through concrete, conscious and benevolent actions.
  • Make mandatory and intelligent use of recyclable, biodegradable and natural products, so as to avoid polluting the environment, as much as possible.
  • Always prefer and favor the acquisition and use of products and goods proceeding from local or regional sources and producers.
  • Support the generation and improvement of financial income for individuals, groups or organizations on a local level, that are devoted to accommodation and alimentation, as well as to the sale of souvenirs, handicraft, etc.
  • Favor the participation of personnel proceeding from farming communities or with their permanent residence in those localities, in order to promote the development of leaders´ functions, and to help them in their integration process within modern society, as well as in improving their general quality of life, in an intelligent, organized and beneficial way.
  • Give priority to adequate containers for the collection of solid refuse, separating it into its respective categories, and transporting it to concentration and treatment centers, at the right time.
  • Aim towards minimizing the pollution of water resources in their different forms (Springs, rivers, lakes, etc.).
  • Intend to integrate and apply environmental conservation norms and principles corresponding to international standards, in order to preserve all of our so rich patrimony, as much cultural and immaterial, as natural, for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • Permanently train our staff, as well as hosting inhabitants in the tasks that require the conservation and respect of the environment and human being, in a conscious and voluntary way, to foment relations based on mutual respect and harmony.
  • Suggest and apply a corporate policy oriented towards the generation and development of the practice of everyone´s pro-active interest, in favor of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, forming and converting everyone into ambassadors and promoters in the diffusion of that healthy and ethical work practice, with an active and harmonized individual and group consciousness, in a constant personal and collective effort, to put it into practice, by means of the good example at the service of everyone´s welfare.