WWEA again in the WTM,

put us in stand E-60 together with PROMPERU.


Every year we renew our proposal of experiences in Peru, and this year we bring innovative products that will allow our clients to have an Authentic Living Experience in Peru.


“ANDEAN IMMERSION” is our travel proposal, to draw you, as much as possible, closer to the reality, simplicity and harmony of Peru´s live culture, as well as to Mother Earth, and to allow you to go back to your origins, for a few days, in such a way that you might find an answer, if you are seeking one.


It is possible to unite a passion or personal quest to the pleasure of Discovering and Feeling, through “SENSES”, our specialized travel proposal, totally focused on you and the experiences you wish to live during your trip across Peru. That is, we design your program, in accordance with your dreams, wishes and goals.


It is possible to travel and hike across the mountains, in style, since our “LUXURY ADVENTURE” programs combine, with fineness and delicacy, the adventure you want to live, in Peru´s Andes, with all the comfort and luxury you can imagine on a campsite, amidst the mountains, and under our Tutelary Apus´ protective stare (Apus are Sacred Mountains and Andean Protective Divinities).


If you are interested, to receive more information about any of our products, please schedule an appointment at the following link, and we will gladly assist you.


Alfredo Cornejo Paredes

General Manager

Tourism professional, with more than 20 years of experience in the field, designer of new routes and adventure experiences in Peru, currently works in the development of a new travel proposal to know more about Peru as Destination and Experience.

Eitan Mollinedo Ochoa

Marketing Manager.

Young Professional of Tourism, specialized in marketing, Social Networks, Media, and in the design of programs of luxury and trips to measure, at the moment works in the development of the image and brand of the company and designing trips to measure.


You can share with us the wonderful experience of sharing the WTM 2016 in our photo gallery.

  • WWEA

    Professionals with social and environmental consciousness, designers and architects of dreams and authentic experiences. We develop new ways of traveling, and our proposal is flexible. We offer high quality services, throughout Peru.

  • Who we are?

    We are a group of aware dreamers, field professionals, ecologists and innovators that offers authentic experiences to a public open to positive changes in their lives. We create and innovate, through each one of our quality products and services, permanently renewing our offer, with customized programs, to satisfy our prized clientele´s most demanding tastes and varied criteria.

    Our proposal encompasses authentic experiences, adventures, luxury services, set departure date programs, escorted trips and punctual activities.

    We are developing new ways of traveling, with social and environmental liability, based on our wish to Share the Andean Spirit with people from the whole world.